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Meeting at the Sylvan Community Center in Citrus Heights
Sunday Service 10 AM

Balancing Act
by Rev. Carla Comiter

If we follow Unity’s practice of regular periods of prayer and meditation, we can sometimes feel a little wobbly upon re-entering the everyday world.  The long-term benefits of meditation include clarity, focus and increased energy.  But there can be a transition period between plumbing the depths of consciousness and becoming active in the outer world.  I like to compare this transition to the times of dawn and dusk—those twilight hours when it is not quite day and not quite night.  
At dusk, we see the remnants of the sunset while hearing the evening call of the cicadas.  At dawn, we see the sun lighting the tops of the highest trees while still experiencing the cool silence of the dark.   It is perhaps the contrast between these differing states of being that makes them all the sweeter.  Continue reading

Listen to Rev. Carla's talk from July 17, 
"Set Yourself Free"

in which she shares the incredible freeing power of forgiveness.
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