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Midsummer Full Moon
by Rev. Carla Comiter
We are all familiar with the wonder created when heavenly bodies align in unexpected, and perhaps synchronistic, ways. This coming Monday, June 20, is such an event. The full moon is around 4 AM, so moonrise both Sunday and Monday should be spectacular. Summer begins around 3:30 PM as the Earth spins through the solstice, a time oft celebrated as Midsummer—the longest day of the year.

When we honor the cycles of nature, we ground our lives into the rhythms of the Earth. We join in the energy of centuries of celebrations, rites and rituals that humans have created to strengthen the bonds among the many species and energetic forces with which we share our planetary home. Continue reading

Listen to Rev. Carla's talk from May 15, 
"Your Birthright of Ecstasy"

as she shares some concepts from Ecstasy: Understanding the Psychology of Joy, exploring the myth of Dionysus and humankind’s lost legacy of joy.

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