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USC provides a comfortable, casual environment.  Wear what you like to wear. Bring your coffee. Relax and know that you are welcome. More important, you are encouraged to decide what you believe, to go directly to Spirit for guidance, and to trust your inner knowing.

Sunday Services: Creating Affluence
April 19 & 26, 10 a.m.
Sylvan Community Center
Creating Affluence
by Rev. Carla Comiter
Affluence, and wealth of all types, is not something that we need to attract to us—for we already possess it. The challenge that we face is releasing the thoughts and beliefs that block us from recognizing it. As we look deeply within, we discover that our worldview, our definitions of life, are contrary to the effortless realization of wealth.

We often begin our quest for prosperity at the wrong end of this dilemma—we focus on that which we believe is missing—money, things, a comfortable lifestyle, friends and good health. By taking this approach, we are addressing the symptoms that result from our belief systems, when we need to identify the beliefs themselves, and replace them with an awareness of the true nature of reality. Once we align our thoughts with this understanding, we unleash the power within us and wealth follows us wherever we go.

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"The Ballad of Joe and Nancy"

in which Rev. Carla shares her real life experience in recognizing and responding to what was hers to do.


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