Ancestral Archetypes

The teachings of Unity bring together lasting concepts from different traditions and different ages. We may study Jungian archetypes and discover that they mirror metaphysical Bible interpretation of the major figures in our spiritual ancestry. With increasing awareness of these similarities, we grow in understanding of our connectedness on global and galactic levels. 


In July, USC presents a series based on our ancestral archetypes. The Jewish prophets were able to perceive alternate visions of reality. The archetypes and prophecies were psychic molds to be filled out in flesh. They provided psychic webworks, blueprints, and dramas, with living people stepping into the roles already outlined, but also improvising as they went along. 


As we continue on our journey into ascension, the unanswered parts of our lives no longer keep us stuck in our history. As a snake throws off old skin, the psyche throws off old patterns that have become rigid and adopts a new set of psychic blueprints to further extend the species into the future. Our ancestral archetypes become a rich lens through which we can know more about our paths of evolution—what led us to this now moment and what will continue to serve us as our future unfolds.

Richest Blessings,

Rev. Carla