Best Friend

Do you ever find yourself deflecting your good? It could be as simple as not accepting a compliment, or just failing to recognize the goodness of life that surrounds us. 

There are a couple of Ukrainian women who live around the corner from me. They raise tomatoes, peppers, oranges and roses in their front yard and often sit on the porch in the evening, enjoying the delta breeze. One of them is my mother’s age and wears a kerchief around her head. The other is near my age and often has her pet cockatiel perched on her shoulder. She greets me warmly. 

Walking my dogs over the years, I have stopped and chatted with her many times. Perhaps “chat” does not describe our conversations, as we know few words in common. But she noticed when I had a new dog and expressed her sympathy that my old dog had died. And she asks about my calico cat who often accompanies us. 

One day, as I was walking away, I heard her say, “You are my best friend!” Though it was flattering, I could not believe she was saying it to me. I decided that she had been speaking to her bird. Then, a few weeks later, she said it again—unmistakably to me. This time I had to let it in and allow myself to feel her love for me. Why is this sometimes so hard? 

I realize that I love her, and her mother, also. The other day I saw a Moving Sale sign when I turned the corner to their house. There were furniture and other items on the driveway. I felt my heart sink thinking of how much I would miss them and the little spot of joy their house and garden represent. I was relieved when the folks in the driveway assured me that there were no plans to move, it was just a sale. 

What will it take for us to recognize the love that surrounds us? How can we allow it in? And how can we express the love we feel? It takes the healing of our beliefs. As we release the negativity we’ve collected during our lives, and replace error thinking with the Truth that we are lovable and deserving, we see the many forms of love that envelope us every day. 

For the love that comes so readily, and for the Truth that sets us free, we are truly grateful. Please come and celebrate with us on Sunday. 

Many Blessings, Rev. Carla