Shift Happens

Does it ever seem like as soon as you get it figured out, they change the rules? One of my favorite bumper stickers is “Shift Happens.” Yes it does, it surely does. Have there been shifts in your personal life or in our country or our world, when nothing was ever again the same?. 

I think of my own life and two major shifts—the first was signing myself in for 28-day inpatient treatment for alcoholism in 1988. The second was leaving a successful career in software to attend ministerial school in 1998. What these two shifts had in common was that I was leaving behind one way of being and stepping into the vast unknown. I did not know how to get sober—or who I would be when was I sober. I did not know how to be a minister, or how the years in school would change me. In both cases, it was a faith-walk. 

We are experiencing shift as species. For years now we’ve heard of the “new kids” being born—the Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children. They each represent a leap forward in our genetic structure. We are evolving into a higher order of being. As we each evolve in spiritual awareness, we are creating change in the human race. 

It seems like we do not know how to make this shift, or what we will be like when it is complete. We are leaving behind one way of being and stepping into the vast unknown. This, too, is a faith-walk. 

I do not think we will completely understand the events of our individual lives unless we place them in context with the greater trends in our race and in our world. We were not born alone, nor do we live alone. We are each threads in the fabric of life—lights in Indra’s net of jewels. 

Here at Unity Spiritual Community, we are consciously shifting—choosing our priorities and creating new ways to meet the needs of today’s world. It is a very exciting place and a very exciting time. We invite you to drop in and become part of the shift! 

Namaste, Rev. Carla