Yikes! It's January!!

Just when you’re trying to catch your breath from the holidays, here comes a whole new year, with the expectations and pressures to make it your best year, your best life, your best you. Whew!! That’s a lot to heap on the post-Christmas stress. So, how can we nurture ourselves while laying a path through the new year that will support us in our growth, allow us time for light-hearted relaxation and guide us through challenges? 

There is a rhythm to growth and change—rarely do we seem to follow a straight path, usually it’s more like the Bunny Hop (one step forward and one step back, hop, hop, hop!). Yet, with hindsight, we can see how all of the steps were necessary to form the progress and success we have accomplished. 

There is also a rhythm to a year in the life of a church. We cycle through basic teachings, then move into series that are more cutting-edge or specialized in their focus, only to cycle back through the basics once again. This rhythm reflects the spiral fashion in which we humans move through life lessons and incorporate new ideas. 

Each time we spiral back through basic teachings, we see them from a higher level. We’ve had time to process the previous lessons, and can see more of the deeper Truth being conveyed. As we then spiral into contemporary interpretations of these Truths, we expand our worldview and vision for the future. 

This winter USC is revisiting some of the pillars upon which our teachings are supported: Bible interpretation, forgiveness, the creative power of mind, healing and the nature of the Christ. Each Sunday lesson includes life-changing applications for these powerful practices. 

As we spiral into summer, we include a lighthearted look at spiritual principles, often as represented in fairytales or popular movies. We relax as we take field trips, nature walks and gaze at the stars. 

You are always welcome at Unity Spiritual Community, where we build on a foundation of Truth and provide educational, enriching and just plain ole’ entertaining ideas all year long! 

Much love, 

Rev. Carla