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Meeting at the Sylvan Community Center in Citrus Heights
Sunday Service 10 AM

The Journey Into Bethlehem

In the midst of the holiday preparations and activities, how can you ensure that the sacred message of Christmas is not overlooked? That you set aside enough time to feel the love, behold the beauty, and allow yourself to be renewed?

At Unity Spiritual Community, we provide services and events that emphasize the spirit and the joy of the season. We cycle through the year—annually reenacting the pilgrimage into Christ consciousness. Our journey into Bethlehem begins this Sunday as we enter the time of the Advent—the coming of Christmas.

As we travel through the Sundays in Advent we will shed outdated beliefs and embrace our inner powers, growing in strength and wisdom to honor the Holy Birth. On December 23, we celebrate the return of the light as the sun climbs higher and our inner light shines more fully.

On the last Sunday of the year we release to God all that weighs heavily on our hearts, and on the first Sunday of the New Year, we select a new name to represent the qualities we intent to express through the coming cycle.

Please join us for this magnificent time of remembering and reclaiming the Truth of Christmas.

Joy, peace and love always,

Rev. Carla

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