April Full Moon
Medicine Wheel and Drum Circle
Tuesday, April 23, 6:30 pm
at the home of Dick Auwaerter

What do the Wind Blowing Moon, Pink Moon and Frogs Return Moon have in common? They are three of the traditional names used for the April full moon. Each month we explore our connection with nature as expressed in various spiritual lineages.

 We are excited to share that the April gathering will be at the home of Dick Auwaerter. We will have the opportunity to learn more about Pagan teachings, and to participate in a medicine wheel and drum circle in the style of the Native Americans. Dick is generously sharing his music room and collection of native instruments with us.

You are invited to bring your favorite stones and crystals to help build the medicine wheel. We will be honoring each of the 12 birthday moons, so you may wish to bring your birthstone or other totem of your birth month.

We will meet at 6:30 PDT, on Tuesday, April 23. We are requesting a $15 love offering for the event, and remind you that everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay.

Please register in advance on our website and we will send you the meeting address.

We will share a time of refreshments, so please bring snacks. 

Register below and we will send you the address.