Metaphysical Moment: Both and...

When confronted with an either/or, multiple choice or true/false question, consider that the best answer may be “both and….” Remembering that “both and…” is an option allows us to break out of the restrictions of conventional thought, reconcile seeming opposites, and make an opening for a higher way of understanding the illusion of duality. 
Choosing the “both and…” enables us to exit the hamster wheel of rational thought and turn questions with which we struggle over to our higher mind, allowing for divine solutions. 
There are many choices put before us each day, some of which are contrived pairings: faith vs fact, science vs religion, dog vs cat, liberal vs conservative, Christian vs Muslim, salt vs pepper. Using the “both and…” approach allows us to meld differing schools of thought, and leaves room for new discoveries. 
One way of illustrating the “both and…” is by using a Venn, or set, diagram. The figures below show the overlapping almond-shaped areas called the mandorla. We see that by choosing the “both and…,” we are allowing for the synergy between the sets to create a new field of possibilities. 

You are invited to contemplate the idea of the week in your personal prayer time and to seek out ways to apply it in your everyday life. As you intentionally develop these ways of responding to daily questions and challenges, you will discover avenues of understanding and expand your mastery of life. 
During our Sunday service, we will take a few moments to discuss the idea of the week and share our experiences. If you are participating through email, you are welcome to share your feedback by writing to: